About RagaMuffins

Ragamuffin is an offshoot of the breed, Ragdoll. Both are gentle, people loving cats with sweet dispositions and amazingly fluffy fur. Ragdoll was copyrighted by the first breeder to register them so most others will be called Ragamuffin unless they come from that breeder.

Ragamuffins can range in color from tan to gray and may or may not have seal point markings (darker face, ears, paws and tails). Pure blood papered Ragdolls and Ragamuffins often are seal points with blue eyes and can be upwards of $1500, but there are many varieties and color variations.

I fell in love with Ragamuffins when I got my first, a male named Ramses, nearly 10 years ago. They are the sweetest, most gentle cats I have ever known.  Though both my male and female were supposedly pure blood, I now do not believe my female, Isis, is – she seems to have some Oriental or other breed in her background and will occasionally have kittens with a bit longer nose and shorter fur than others.  I also have a Persian female and male so occasionally have RagaPers (half Persian/half Ragamuffin) that are even fluffier fur if you can imagine!

My babies are not papered or pure blood and range from $50 – $100. They can take 2-4 years to reach their full maturity and act like kittens far longer than other breeds. They make awesome companions preferring to stay nearby their humans then go off by themselves. Please note that Ragamuffins are not well suited to being outdoor cats and I strongly recommend keeping your baby inside.

All my kittens are raised around other cats and 2 dogs and I hold them from the time they are born (Isis literally gave birth in my lap once!). They are very social, playful and amazing cats though each has their own personality and a few are more outgoing than others. They are also bound to have a bit of an adjustment period as they transition to your home but with patience and love, you will have a very amazing cat. I have never had any health or other issues with any of my babies and am glad to say I have loving families from Florida, Georgia and Illinois. Many of my cats are placed by word of mouth when a friend or family member of one of my adopted babies meets them, so I have waiting lists from time to time.

I tell all my adoptive families, if for any reason you cannot keep your baby, please call me and I will take them back as I cannot stand the thought of one of my babies being in a shelter.

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